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01 February 2012 @ 08:17 pm
California Girls...Again: Chapter Three: Sunny/Father  

Title/Prompt: California Girls...Again: Chapter Three: Sunny/Father

Author: mkrobinson

Rating: PG-13

Words: 2276


Summary: Sunny knows how to play this game, she knows it very well.


Notes: this is still a giftfic for bookplayer!

Dear Sunny,

You better be behaving-you have no idea how long it took me to convince Richie you wouldn't be too wild with Mary Anne around. I know you'll just ignore any lecture I give you, so I guess I won't even bother. Just try to be a good girl.

Please, Sunny?

Give me a call, honey, if you need to talk to me. I do care about you.



Well, I'm Sunny “screw up” Winslow, but I guess you already knew that. My mom died, my dad pretty much abandoned me, and I live with my best friend's family, next door to my old house. Well, I live with Dawn (she's my best friend), her little brother Jeff, her half sister Gracie, her stepmother, Carol, and her father, Jack. Dawn's mother isn't dead, like mine is. She's so lucky. She has two moms. And two dads. Sharon, Dawn's mother, lives all the way in Connecticut. That's where she grew up. She married her high school sweetheart, Richard (I think that's what Ducky and I will be like some day-I think that forbidden love is so romantic), and she lives with him and his daughter, Mary Anne. I think her mom died when she was a baby. Sharon and my mom used to be best friends, until Sharon left.

I miss her.

My mom, I mean, though I do miss Sharon too. I could do without the constant reminders about “behaving” or “maybe Dusty is a bit too old for you”, though. First of all, his name is Ducky, not Dusty. Second of all, I am behaving.

Well, sort of.

Maybe I'm not, but what does she know? She and Jack hate each other. That's why they got divorced.

Though, it is a bit weird how all of Dawn's friends were able to come up for the summer.

At once.

I'm a bit suspicious that Jack and Sharon may have worked together on this one, but I'm not sure.

Anyways, Dawn's friends (they're kinda goody-goodies, like her) are here from Connecticut. For two whole weeks. I'm kind of nervous.

I'm the weird girl whose mother died and who's living with her best friend's family because her dad hates her guts.

The telephone rings, and I answer it. Carol's up too, but she's busy nursing Gracie.

Hello, Olson-Schafer residence,” I say, half expecting it to be a telemarketer.

Hey-o, it's P-Dog! Is the K-ster there?” It's a guy.

I'm sorry, who?” I reply, flirting a bit.

Sorry,” he replies, “Kristin. Is Kristin there?”

Kristin? He must mean Kristy, Dawn's bossy friend. I didn't know she had a boyfriend. I smile.

I'll go get her,” I said. “She's just in the living room. Do you have a real name?”

Do you have a real name? Was that the best I could come up with? He laughed, and I beamed. He thinks I'm funny.

It's Patrick. She'll know who I am.” He replied. “Do you have a real name?”

“I'm Sunny.”

Sunny. I don't think I remember you. You Richard Spier's kid?”

I giggled. He thought I was Dawn's sister. “No, I'm not. That's Mary Anne.”

Mary Anne...yeah.” He trailed off.

I'll go get Kristy, though. If you want.”

He chuckled nervously. “Sure. Thanks, Sammy.”

“It's Sunny.”

I was so annoyed. Couldn't Kristy's boyfriend remember people's names? And why had he thought I was one of Richard's daughters? Didn't he know that Mary Anne was his real daughter and Dawn was his stepdaughter, not me?

Kristy was sound asleep on the blowup mattress, so I shoved her awake and handed her the phone. She could be the one to tell her boyfriend he was so rude.

I didn't even stick around to hear the conversation. I stormed back into the kitchen and poured myself a cup of coffee, refilling Carol's. I sighed. She noticed.

Are you okay?” She asked, concern filling her features.

I guess. I just wish you guys would trust me.” And Ducky, I silently added.

Sunny, it's not that we don't trust you, it's just that we feel you and Ducky should take the summer to cool off. Just try being friends.”

I guess it made sense. I mean, I wasn't very happy that Ducky and I had, well, gone all the way. And I guess that we could try being friends. I sipped my coffee.

Oh,” I replied. “Okay, Carol.”

Jack walked into the kitchen, already dressed for work, and I smiled at him. He smiled back.

He and Carol kissed and he picked up Gracie, bouncing her lightly.

She giggled.

I sighed.

Kristy walked in, looking slightly annoyed. She spoke to me, putting the phone back on its base. “Sunny? What did my father say to you?”

Father? P-Dog was Kristy's father? He couldn't be!

That was your father?”

“Who did you think it was?”

I couldn't tell her the truth, especially not with both Carol and Jack in the room. “
I dunno. He called himself P-Dog, so I thought he was your boyfriend, I guess.”

Her eyes went wide. She turned beet red. “Oh.”

We didn't say anything else. Jack put Gracie in her high chair and started to read the paper. Kristy poured herself some juice. The silence was somewhat awkward. I thought about calling Sharon, but decided against it.

Jack cleared his throat. “About this baseball game...”

Yes?” Kristy responded, looking nervous. She said something that I couldn't quite catch. I noticed that he was reading the sports section, but remained silent.

Are you positive that the Angels are playing in Anaheim this weekend?”

Yes. That's what Dad just called me to tell me about.”

“You're sure?” Jack didn't look like he believed her. I pretended to be interested in my coffee.

Yes! Dad's a sportswriter! He knows this stuff!”

Kristy's facade was dropping a bit. Even Carol noticed. She put a hand on Jack's arm, obviously trying to get him to drop the subject.

Well, alright. I suppose you're right.”

They both lapsed into silence. Thankfully, Mary Anne came in, and she seemed rather happy to see everyone.

Good morning! Kristy, Carol, Jack, Sunny,” she beamed at everyone in the room. “I hope you all slept well!”

She looked confused by the lack of a happy response. I stepped in, hoping to bring her up to date.

Kristy's dad just called.” Kristy groaned as I finished my sentence.

Mary Anne got a strange, fake, smile on her face. “Did he? That's wonderful.”

I felt bad for Kristy, even though we weren't particularly close, so I decided I'd help her out. Our father's were obviously both jerks, after all. “I think she's lucky that her dad's taking her some place.” I said, sounding appropriately morose. “I just wish my father would.”


The mental letter I was composing to Sharon was abandoned when Jeff and his little friend Byron finally came downstairs, one wearing an Angels cap, the other a Yankees. I decided that Jeff would be the way to go.

He was blissfully unaware of the morning drama, and I knew he had a slight crush on me.

Jeff,” I asked. “Don't you think it's cool that Kristy's dad likes her enough to take her to the game on Saturday?”

He blushed slightly, looking around. “What game? This Saturday?”

“Yes, the game this Saturday!”

He gave his sisters a confused look. “Doesn't Kristy's dad live in Stoneybrook?”

Mary Anne responded, looking unamused. “No, Kristy's dad lives in Sausalito. You're thinking of Watson, Jeff.”

“Anyways,” I said, turning my gaze to him so he'd know I wasn't exactly being oblivious. “I think it's awesome. Even if I don't exactly like baseball.”

I was pretty sure Jeff knew there were no baseball games on Saturday that were near Palo City.

Baseball game?” He asked. “Your dad's taking you to a baseball game?”

Kristy remained oblivious. “Uh-huh! Yankees versus Angels.”

I don't think that's a home game.”

She was getting angry, I could tell. So could Carol.

She interjected herself nicely into the conversation. “Jeff, honey, I don't think Kristy's dad would invite her to a game that doesn't exist.”

Mary Anne snorted as Kristy thanked Carol.

Jealous?! I am not! I don't care if her dad's taking her to the game of not, I just think it's away!”

Things got awkward. After we ate breakfast, I decided to call Sharon. I figured she'd have some idea what was going on.

Sunny? What is it? Are you alright?”

I sighed. There was really no need for her to panic. “Sharon, I just have a question. That's all.”

“Oh. Hi, honey. What's up?”

“It's about Kristy's dad.”

“Well, hon, I don't know much about him.”

Do you think he'd stand her up?”

“What do you mean?”

I explained the morning to her in as little detail as possible, and I heard her sigh. “Well...”


“I think that Jack and Jeff would know more about the Angels schedule than Kristy...”


“...look, Richie would know the answer to this. How about I call you back after I ask him?”

Sharon was hesitating. I wasn't stupid. “Okay.”

The phone call finished, I returned to the kitchen, finding the sports section hastily hidden inside “A Million Ways to Cook Tofu”. I smirked, pulling it out of its hiding spot.

Dawn and her friends were getting dressed, anyways.

Carol had taken Jeff and Byron to the Blumes, to play with Zeke.

I opened the sports section, reading the headlines.

One of them caught my eye: Palo City Times Welcomes New Sports Columnist Patrick Thomas.

I put two and two together, and carefully returned the paper to its hiding spot inside a rarely used vegetarian cookbook.

Poor Kristy. I felt so bad for her.

I joined her on the stairs, and made false promises about how I believed her about her dad, because I knew what it was like. I think she fell for it.

Her friend Shannon, who's like a less screwed up Maggie, joined us. I actually liked her. And then, Sharon called.

I think that Kristy thought I was talking to Ducky. Whatever.


“Sunny, honey, I don't think I asked you how summer school was going.”

I had a feeling Sharon would have asked me to read off all of Carol's CD collection in order to not have to resume our conversation.


“Okay, fine! Richie says that...that...it's fairly likely that Kristy's dad would do that.”


I'd had been hoping that
Richard (and no, even I knew not to call him Richie, I wasn't that oblivious) would have denied the possibility.

Don't be mean-”

“I'm not gonna be. I think her dad will come through.”


“Don't 'Sunny' me.”

“Fine, I won't. Look, just don't-Never mind. I think it's wonderful that you support Kristy and her delusions.”

“De-” Sharon cut her off.

I'm sorry, that's not fair of me. You're right. They might not be.”

Yeah. Right. Like how she'd told me that my mom might get better. Or like how she told me the stupid alternative program at Vista wouldn't suck.

I sighed.

I gotta go.”

I knew one of them was in the kitchen, and I could just picture it being Dawn and her wondering why I'd called her mother.

I walked back into the kitchen. Kristy was searching it for something. I sighed.
Was she that determined to kill her own delusions?

She noticed me. It was sort of hard not to, though I wanted to hide.

Have you seen the sports section?” She asked.

I thought fast. “Jack took it to work with him. He always does.”

It sounded logical. Jack read the sports section. He was at work. And the section itself had “disappeared.”

“Okay.” Kristy replied, shrugging.

That was it?! That was It?! What happened to Kristy's bossiness? Her inability to accept things for what they were?

In fact, Kristy Thomas looked pathetically depressed. I sighed.

Are you okay?” I asked.

Mary Anne and Dawn think I'm setting myself up for a disappointment,” she replied. “That Dad's gonna stand me up again. Why do they think that?”

I thought back to my conversation with Sharon, and I was half tempted to tell her that Mary Anne's father agreed with their assessment, but I didn't.

I believe you, Kristy.” I knew what people wanted to hear from me. I hadn't bsed my way into convincing the principal of Vista into letting me join their alternative program without my dad's permission for nothing, had I? Nor had I been unable to completely convince Carol and Jack that I would behave when Jeff and Dawn's friends came from Stoneybrook. (I certainly was not-and they were all fooling themselves if they thought I was). Therefore, a casual half-truth about Kristy's father fell easily from my lips.

She, of course, ate it up.

Thanks, Sunny. I really appreciate it.”

“You're welcome, K-ster.”

The look she gave me was one that could have killed. “What did you just call me?”

I smirked. “K-ster. Duh. Isn't that what P-Dog calls you?”

She cradled her head in her hands.

Emilybookplayer on February 2nd, 2012 01:31 am (UTC)
Thanks so much! Good chapter!
mkrobinson on February 2nd, 2012 01:33 am (UTC)
You're welcome!
automatic doorautomaticdoor on February 2nd, 2012 02:18 am (UTC)
Ugh, Kristy's daaaaad. :/
mkrobinson on February 2nd, 2012 02:25 am (UTC)
Yeah, Patrick is going to be Patrick.
Lisa: BSC: babysitters100ozqueen on February 2nd, 2012 04:11 am (UTC)
mod note:
Hey :)

I just wanted to air some concerns I'm starting to have with this story. This chapter seems very similar to your last chapter.

I don't want to discourage anyone (including you!) from writing something with this technique, because writing one scene from different points of view can turn out some brilliant fic.

But what's concerning me here is you're using the exact same dialogue and it's taking up a lot of your story. In fact, we've already seen this scene from Sunny's point of view. The differences are only really superficial and it's worrying me.

There aren't very many rules in this comm, but one of the really important things is that prompts are spread properly across stories. I'm worried that you're using two prompts for what is essentially the same story.

You don't have to delete it or take it down or anything, but please, please be more careful in the future. You really do need to put more distinction between your stories, rather than repeating so much or copying and pasting chunks of text from other things. The purpose of this comm is to write 100 stories for 100 prompts, and at the moment I feel like you're blurring that a little too much.

I will say though that your improvements with dialogue and scene have carried through into this series as well. It's great to see that you've formed a habit of distinguishing who is speaking and where they are and what they're feeling! So keep it up :)

Just make sure whatever you post next is more of a stand-alone, rather than a slightly-rewritten chapter of what we've already seen. :)

- Lisa

mkrobinson on February 2nd, 2012 04:33 am (UTC)
Re: mod note:
Hey :)

Yeah, I thought they might be slightly too similar, but I wasn't sure. This was just a experiment for this chapter that I doubt I'll be doing again because it was just too hard to make that noticable a difference.

I did use a lot of the same dialogue, and I sort of only realized that after I posted. I was trying to do like how AMM and co showed the different scenes in the super specials from other peoples POVs, and have basically decided that it isn't my strong suit and that I'm not going to do it again. :) Thanks for confirming that that might be a good idea, it was good to hear it from an outside source.

I really will be more careful, I promise! I made a misjudgement with this chapter that I won't make again! Upon rereading both chapters I see what you mean.

Thanks, I think they have too, they're becoming a bit of a habit all of a sudden. You've been a great help! :)

Okay, don't worry, I will!

Lisa: BSC: babysitters100ozqueen on February 2nd, 2012 04:36 am (UTC)
Re: mod note:
Fantastic :) Thanks ♥ It's good to know your reasoning behind it. I'm sorry it didn't work like you wanted it too! It's always super disappointing when that happens D: I've had to scrap dozens of fics because I just can't carry out what I've got in my head. So I know what you mean.
mkrobinson on February 2nd, 2012 04:42 am (UTC)
Re: mod note:
You're welcome! It was a better idea in theory, I suspect. I am too, though! Yeah, it really is. But I think I'm getting a lot better since we've (and miss_slipslop) been working together. (I've rewritten the "Thanksgiving" chapter btw with those changes.)